Warehouse Management System LFS

The modular LFS warehouse management system can be used across various industries and is designed both for simple and more demanding requirements. The standard system supported by a relational database controls the entire material and information flow in logistics centers by means of dialog supported applications.

More than a warehouse management system - active storage management with LFS

A System for all Requirements

The warehouse management system with a capacity for multiple clients and holdings is suitable for international, multilingual use in the commercial sector, as well as in the production and logistics service industries. LFS guarantees increases in process efficiency, allows significant savings and a long-term maintainability at low costs. This system can be used to automatically optimize the use of all warehouse resources, such as staff, warehouse technology and conveyor technology. Furthermore, this extremely reliable solution enables continuous transparency regarding the current situation in all manual and automated warehouse units.


The high development standard of the LFS warehouse management system guarantees customers maximum investment security and is future-proof; it also ensures high functionality and an extremely economical quality product.

The Warehouse Management System for all Platforms

With LFS, Ehrhardt + Partner is offering an exceptionally efficient and flexible warehouse management system for controlling the entire material and information flow in logistics centers. The system was originally developed on the IBM i5 platform (formerly the AS/400) and today is fully accessible with all functions for Linux and Windows platforms as well. LFS is distinguished by a consistently high performance and reliability on all platforms. Due to its open interfaces, the LFS warehouse management system can be optimally integrated into existing IT landscapes.

Open System Solutions for your IT Structure

It goes without saying that the LFS system has communication interfaces with all conventional ERP, MMS and MRP systems; likewise there are services for use in SOA environments, easy connection of customer-specific software systems or independently developed software systems.  For example, the warehouse management system has standard interfaces to ERP systems like SAP, ORACLE, STEEB, NAVISION, COPA, MOVEX, J.D. Edwards, MAPICS, Invent, Baan and many more.


The reliable integration of LFS into these systems and connection to prevailing carrier haulage, customs and online shop systems has already been put to the test in multiple projects. Problem-free data exchange using computers and other software systems via EDI, IDOCS, XML, FTP, DDM, TCP/IP MQSeries socket connections, etc. is guaranteed. LFS also supports requirements stemming from the ISO 9000 certification with regards to product identification and material flow control.

High Security of Investment and low Adaptation Costs

Compared to other warehouse management systems, LFS saves up to 70 per cent with regards to future adaptations or extensions. This is due to the reason that LFS offers a high functionality with a resulting simple parameter adaptation to your future requests.

LFS goes mobile.

The full power of V8.

Brand-new. Completely LFS.



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Warehouse Management System LFS

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LFS ready for PureSystems

The warehouse management system LFS meets all the criteria for the IBM PureFlex system.


LFS ready for Pure


“Precise like clockwork – that is the best way to describe our current processes. With LFS and Pick-by-Voice, we have significantly increased our inventory transparency and our warehouse productivity, setting a new benchmark for the beverages industry”.


Berthold Kress, logistics manager of the beverage wholesaler Heurich

LFS has communication interfaces with most ERP, MMS and MRP systems:

Warehouse management with SAP